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#include <ZipArchive.h>

Inheritance diagram for CZipAddFilesEnumerator:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

 CZipAddFilesEnumerator (LPCTSTR lpszDirectory, bool bRecursive=true, int iComprLevel=-1, int iSmartLevel=CZipArchive::zipsmSafeSmart, unsigned long nBufSize=65536)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZipArchiveLib::CDirEnumerator
LPCTSTR GetCurrentDirectory () const
LPCTSTR GetDirectory () const
bool IsRecursive () const
bool Start (CFileFilter &filter)

Protected Member Functions

CZipArchiveGetZip ()
virtual void Initialize (CZipArchive *pZip)
bool Process (LPCTSTR lpszPath, const ZipArchiveLib::CFileInfo &info)
virtual void UpdateAddNewFileInfo (CZipAddNewFileInfo *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ZipArchiveLib::CDirEnumerator
 CDirEnumerator (LPCTSTR lpszDirectory, bool bRecursive=true)
virtual void EnterDirectory ()
virtual void ExitDirectory ()
virtual void OnEnumerationBegin ()
virtual void OnEnumerationEnd (bool bResult)

Protected Attributes

int m_iComprLevel
int m_iSmartLevel
unsigned long m_nBufSize


class CZipArchive

Detailed Description

The class used as a parameter in the AddNewFiles(CZipAddFilesEnumerator&, ZipArchiveLib::CFileFilter&, bool) method.

See Also
Compressing Data

Member Function Documentation

bool CZipAddFilesEnumerator::Process ( LPCTSTR  lpszPath,
const ZipArchiveLib::CFileInfo info 

Override this method to perform file processing while enumerating directories. This method is not called for directories, but for files only.

lpszPathThe full path to the current file.
infoA structure containing an information about the current file.
Return true to continue the enumeration. When you return false, the enumeration is aborted.
See Also

Implements ZipArchiveLib::CDirEnumerator.

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