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The ZipArchive Library
Current Version: 4.6.7
Release Date: 2019-04-17
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How to Use the Library See It

There is a comprehensive set of articles that cover in details the usage of the ZipArchive Library. Most of them are accompanied by a sample code. For more information please also read the API Documentation.

Versions Explanation

The ZipArchive Library is distributed in two versions: the Open Source (GNU GPL) Version and the Full Version. The Full Version is available only after purchasing the license. It is also possible to obtain or purchase a license for the commercial usage of the GNU GPL Version. To read more about the licensing conditions of the ZipArchive Library visit the Licensing Page.

Full Version Additional Features

The Full Version has the following features in addition to the features included in the GNU GPL Version:

Trial Version and Samples

To test the features of the Full Version, you can request the trial version of the ZipArchive Library. You can also test the sample applications available at the Download Page to test the most of the features of the Library - they are compiled using the Full Version of the Library. One of applications is a GUI application that uses MFC version of the Library and the other one is a command line application that uses the STL version.

Clients Area

Existing clients can log into their accounts using the link at the top of all pages, to enable additional features of the web site, such as downloading of the ZipArchive Library Full Version. If you have purchased the commercial license in the past (or have obtained it within a software exchange) and you don't have an account, request the login information here.

Who's Using the ZipArchive Library See It

Visit this page to find out.

Acknowledgements See It

The ZipArchive Library uses also third-party code that has been generously made publicly available by its authors. All the information along with the third-party licensing details can be found at the Acknowledgements Page.
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