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CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray::CStat Struct Reference

#include <ZipCompressor.h>

Public Attributes

COffsetsPair m_AvgValues
COffsetsPair m_MaxValues
COffsetsPair m_MinValues

Detailed Description

The statistics about blocks in the compressed and uncompressed data. The statistics are described by the COffsetsPair structure. The meaning of its members is different for this situation:

See Also
Creating Seekable Compressed Data

Member Data Documentation

COffsetsPair CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray::CStat::m_AvgValues

The average blocks sizes.

COffsetsPair CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray::CStat::m_MaxValues

The maximum blocks sizes.

COffsetsPair CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray::CStat::m_MinValues

The minimum blocks sizes.

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