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CZipCompressor::COffsetsPair Struct Reference

#include <ZipCompressor.h>

Public Member Functions

 COffsetsPair ()
 COffsetsPair (ZIP_SIZE_TYPE uUncompressedOffset, ZIP_SIZE_TYPE uCompressedOffset)

Public Attributes

ZIP_SIZE_TYPE m_uCompressedOffset
ZIP_SIZE_TYPE m_uUncompressedOffset

Detailed Description

The offsets pair describing the location of a synchronization block and its corresponding location in uncompressed data.

See Also
Creating Seekable Compressed Data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CZipCompressor::COffsetsPair::COffsetsPair ( )

Initializes a new instance of the COffsetsPair class.

CZipCompressor::COffsetsPair::COffsetsPair ( ZIP_SIZE_TYPE  uUncompressedOffset,
ZIP_SIZE_TYPE  uCompressedOffset 

Initializes a new instance of the COffsetsPair class.

uUncompressedOffsetThe offset in uncompressed data.
uCompressedOffsetThe offset in compressed data.

Member Data Documentation

ZIP_SIZE_TYPE CZipCompressor::COffsetsPair::m_uCompressedOffset

The offset of a synchronization block in compressed data.

ZIP_SIZE_TYPE CZipCompressor::COffsetsPair::m_uUncompressedOffset

The offset from which uncompressed data will be extracted.

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