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CZipSplitNamesHandler Class Referenceabstract

#include <ZipSplitNamesHandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for CZipSplitNamesHandler:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

enum  Flags { flNone = 0x00, flLast = 0x01, flExisting = 0x02 }

Public Member Functions

 CZipSplitNamesHandler ()
virtual CZipString GetVolumeName (const CZipString &szArchiveName, ZIP_VOLUME_TYPE uCurrentVolume, ZipArchiveLib::CBitFlag flags) const =0
virtual ZIP_VOLUME_TYPE GetVolumeNumber (const CZipString &szVolumePath) const
virtual void Initialize (const CZipString &szArchiveName)

Detailed Description

Generates and parses names for split archive volumes. Base class for split names handlers.

See Also
Segmented Archives: Splitting and Spanning

Member Enumeration Documentation

Flags for the GetVolumeName method.


No special flags.


The volume is the last volume in the archive.


The archive is an existing archive.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CZipSplitNamesHandler::CZipSplitNamesHandler ( )

Initializes a new instance of the CZipSplitNamesHandler class.

Member Function Documentation

virtual CZipString CZipSplitNamesHandler::GetVolumeName ( const CZipString &  szArchiveName,
ZIP_VOLUME_TYPE  uCurrentVolume,
ZipArchiveLib::CBitFlag  flags 
) const
pure virtual

Returns the path for the given volume number.

szArchiveNameThe archive path provided when opening an archive.
uCurrentVolumeThe current volume number. The first volume number is 1.
flagsAdditional flags. It can be one or more of the Flags values.

Implemented in CZipBinSplitNamesHandler, and CZipRegularSplitNamesHandler.

virtual ZIP_VOLUME_TYPE CZipSplitNamesHandler::GetVolumeNumber ( const CZipString &  szVolumePath) const

Returns the volume number for the given volume path.

szVolumePathThe volume path.
The volume number parsed from the szVolumePath. The first volume number is 1. Return 0 to indicate an error during parsing.
Implementing of this method is only required for a handler for binary split archives.

Reimplemented in CZipBinSplitNamesHandler.

virtual void CZipSplitNamesHandler::Initialize ( const CZipString &  szArchiveName)

Called when opening an archive.

szArchiveNameThe archive path provided when opening an archive.

Reimplemented in CZipRegularSplitNamesHandler.

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