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ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions Struct Reference

#include <DeflateCompressor.h>

Inheritance diagram for ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions:
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Public Member Functions

CZipCompressor::COptionsClone () const
int GetType () const

Public Attributes

bool m_bCheckLastBlock
bool m_bCreateOffsetsArray
int m_iSyncRatio
- Public Attributes inherited from ZipArchiveLib::CBaseLibCompressor::COptions
bool m_bDetectLibMemoryLeaks
- Public Attributes inherited from CZipCompressor::COptions
int m_iBufferSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CZipCompressor::COptions
enum  Constants { cDefaultBufferSize = 2 * 65536 }

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

CZipCompressor::COptions* ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions::Clone ( ) const

Clones the current options object.

The cloned object of the same type as the current object.

Implements CZipCompressor::COptions.

int ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions::GetType ( ) const

Returns the type of the compressor to which the current options apply.

The type of the compressor. It can be one of the CompressorType values.

Implements CZipCompressor::COptions.

Member Data Documentation

bool ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions::m_bCheckLastBlock

Enables or disables checking, if the compressed data ends with an end-of-stream block. This should be enabled to protect against malformed data. true, if the checking of the last block should be enabled; false otherwise.

bool ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions::m_bCreateOffsetsArray

Specifies whether the CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray is created while creating synchronization blocks. true, if the offsets array should be created; false otherwise.

Normally, this value should be always set to true.
See Also
Creating Seekable Compressed Data
int ZipArchiveLib::CDeflateCompressor::COptions::m_iSyncRatio

Determines how often synchronization blocks are created.

  • 0 - disables creation of synchronization blocks,
  • the larger the value, the rarer the synchronization blocks are created and the better the compression ratio is.
This setting has no effect on stored or encrypted data. The synchronization blocks will not be created in these cases regardless of the value set.
You can use CZipCompressor::COffsetsArray::GetStatistics to determine the best value.
See Also
Creating Seekable Compressed Data

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