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ZipArchiveLib::CBzip2Compressor::COptions Struct Reference

#include <Bzip2Compressor.h>

Inheritance diagram for ZipArchiveLib::CBzip2Compressor::COptions:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

CZipCompressor::COptionsClone () const
int GetType () const

Public Attributes

bool m_bUseSlowDecompression
- Public Attributes inherited from ZipArchiveLib::CBaseLibCompressor::COptions
bool m_bDetectLibMemoryLeaks
- Public Attributes inherited from CZipCompressor::COptions
int m_iBufferSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CZipCompressor::COptions
enum  Constants { cDefaultBufferSize = 2 * 65536 }

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

CZipCompressor::COptions* ZipArchiveLib::CBzip2Compressor::COptions::Clone ( ) const

Clones the current options object.

The cloned object of the same type as the current object.

Implements CZipCompressor::COptions.

int ZipArchiveLib::CBzip2Compressor::COptions::GetType ( ) const

Returns the type of the compressor to which the current options apply.

The type of the compressor. It can be one of the CompressorType values.

Implements CZipCompressor::COptions.

Member Data Documentation

bool ZipArchiveLib::CBzip2Compressor::COptions::m_bUseSlowDecompression

true, if the slow decompression method should be used; false otherwise. The slow decompression method uses less memory than the normal decompression method (but is slower).

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