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#include <ZipExtraData.h>

Public Member Functions

 CZipExtraData (const CZipExtraData &extra)
 CZipExtraData (WORD uHeaderID)
WORD GetHeaderID () const
int GetTotalSize () const
bool operator!= (const CZipExtraData &extra)
bool operator< (const CZipExtraData &extra)
bool operator<= (const CZipExtraData &extra)
CZipExtraDataoperator= (const CZipExtraData &extra)
bool operator== (const CZipExtraData &extra)
bool operator> (const CZipExtraData &extra)
bool operator>= (const CZipExtraData &extra)

Public Attributes

bool m_bHasSize
CZipAutoBuffer m_data

Protected Member Functions

bool Read (char *buffer, WORD uSize)
WORD Write (char *buffer) const


class CZipExtraField

Detailed Description

Represents a single data record in an extra field.

See Also
Providing Custom Data: Extra Fields

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CZipExtraData::CZipExtraData ( WORD  uHeaderID)

Initializes a new instance of the CZipExtraData class.

uHeaderIDThe unique ID of the data.

Member Function Documentation

WORD CZipExtraData::GetHeaderID ( ) const

Returns the data ID.

The data ID.
int CZipExtraData::GetTotalSize ( ) const

Returns the total size the extra data will occupy in the archive.

The size in bytes.
bool CZipExtraData::Read ( char *  buffer,
WORD  uSize 

Reads the extra data record from buffer.

bufferThe buffer to read the data from.
uSizeThe size of the data to read.
false, if uSize was smaller than the declared extra data size; true otherwise.
WORD CZipExtraData::Write ( char *  buffer) const

Writes the extra data record to buffer.

bufferThe buffer to write to.
The total size of extra data in bytes.

Member Data Documentation

bool CZipExtraData::m_bHasSize

If true, the size of the extra data record is read from the archive and written to it. This is default behavior consistent with the common ZIP format. If false, the size is not read or written. You should change this value only when you need special handling.

CZipAutoBuffer CZipExtraData::m_data

The custom data contained by this record.

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